Malaysian English Rock & Roll band that started out entertaining the local pub scene before opening for members of Guns & Roses and Alter Bridge's Slash, Myles Kennedy, and the Conspirators.

Blister currently produces independent music shows through the growing #BLISTERLIVENLOUD series.

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Consisting of an upcoming act and more experienced and seasoned musicians, #BLISTERLIVENLOUD is an original concept showcasing bands and their talent at a variety of partnering venues and stages. Being a true student of live music, Blister has always enjoyed performing in front of a live audience and want more and more musicians to experience the feeling of stepping onto the stage. Understanding that the market demands are tougher on less experienced musicians, Blister has taken it upon themselves to embark on the journey together. The #BLISTERLIVENLOUD series is currently on pause due to the COVID-19 threat. Watch this space for more updates.

"Guvnur" Darian Henry


An enigma on and off stage, his energy is matched with high-pitched vocals that is reminiscent of Rock & Roll icons from the golden age.

Julio "Jubz" Singho


Built with fingers for rhythm and a soul for music, Jubz provides the thumping beat, allowing the raging melodies to flare and float at will without losing the groove.

Kayvin "Pandera" Roy


The youngest member of the band, Kayvin's love of crunchy riffs showcases his favourite axemen. While his juicy licks offers a new dimension into the current Blister sound.

Mario "Mangz" Singho


Ordained as the 'Rock & Roll Preacher', Mangz passionately advocates truth and it reflects in the music of Blister. With a raging fury in his vocals, Mangz's gruff take offers a ethereal presence to Blister's music.

Ramon "Solo/Senile" Singho


An enigma on stage and a marvel to watch on the guitar, he is the living personification of duality. Senile/Solo drifts among a wide spectrum of sound and tone to give Blister its signature feel.

Zac "Buls" De Costa


The backbone behind the rhythm section, the once child prodigy on percussions is assured as much as he is experimental when it comes to providing the beats. His flair and attacks makes him the ultimate groove machine behind the Blister sound.

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  • Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia